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Triggers, Causes of Cryo and other Facts

What Triggers Cryo? One researcher put it this way: “Cryoglobulinemia is the immune systems response to long-standing inflammation….” There have been attempts at linking bacterial pneumonia and vaccines for it to connective tissue autoimmune disorders, but it has not been substantiated, and it really looks like it actually triggers an existing autoimmune disorder and not […]

Cryo and Mortality

Cryoglobulinemia and Mortality This is a topic which I have been avoiding to keep from alarming those who have been newly diagnosed without good reason to do so. After researching this , and thinking about it for some time, I decided that I should talk about this in a post on the forum. Based on […]

Cold Weather and the Cryo Patient’s Attempt to Control Temperature

I find it remarkable when doctors think that colder weather/climate is not a problem for people with cryoglobulinemia. Particularly when so .  . . so many people with cryo have a rather immediate response to cold. It is also known that individual responses to cold appear to be highly variable among people with cryoglobulinemia. There are also […]

Palpable Purpura

Palpable Purpura survival. This is a distillation of what I experience with palpable purpura. Others in Alliance for Cryo Support groups have had the same experience and so I thought you might find this useful. Palpable Purpura is a kind of skin lesion common to small and medium vessel vasculitis.  Palpable Purpura is blood-filled lesions which […]

How I know do I know if a flare is coming?

How I know do I know if a flare is coming??? One common characteristic of cryoglobulinemia is that of periods of remission followed by periods of flaring. Very often, if one can spot a flare coming early enough and treat it early, many if the damaging effects and a lot of suffering can be avoided […]

Cold Soaked? Seven Ways to Warm Up.

When it comes to cold weather, if you have cryoglobulinemia, less exposure to cold is best. For many people with type I cryo, their reaction to cold can be immediate and very strong, so great care must be taken to minimize cold exposure. For those of us with type II and type III cryoglobulins it […]

Three Core Cryo Symptoms: Meltzer’s Triad

Meltzer’s Triad In 1956 Meltzer and Franklin described arthralgia, purpura and weakness as the three core symptoms of essential cryoglobulinemia. These are generally seen in people who have type II and type III cryoglobulinemia. It is seen in 25-30% of patients with cryo. I just thought I’d share this.

Cryo Symptoms: Points to Consider

Symptoms of Cryo: Points to Consider Sometimes cryoglobulinemia will present with very few symptoms externally, before you have a full-blown flare. I have listed of a few of the more subtle things, and some of the weird things that have happened to me as symptoms some sort of serve as a warning that I am […]

B Cell and Cryo

It has been speculated that B cells are living too long due to apoptosis failing, as they age past their pre-programmed expiration date they start producing cryoglobulins. It is very likely more complex than this, but failed apoptosis (programmed cell death) is one cause for B cell proliferation. However it is unclear if the failure […]