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            By Glen Gardner January, 2017 Many of us DO experience arthralgia, the pain, swelling and inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis (not to be confused with osteoarthritis). We have had a lot of people complaining of pain in feet and\/or hands due to cryo lately. I’m getting the impression that people […]

Marianne’s Flare

Just an update about my recent Cryo Flare. I hope this helps others to better understand how Cryo affects some of us. If you missed my post, I shared with the group that my docs agreed that my cryo is in remission as long as I continue my Rituxan Treatments for maintenance. My Cryo test has […]

Vasculitis Patient Powered Research Network.

The Vasculitis Patient-Powered Research Network is open to ALL United States Cryoglobulinemia patients.  Please Register.   The Vasculitis Patient Powered Research Network (V-PPRN) is a collaborative research effort for vasculitis research involving patients as partners in research along side clinicians, researchers, physicians and interested parties. It is a joint venture of The Vasculitis Foundation and the Vasculitis Clinical Research Consortium. […]