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Ending Cryoglobulinemia Confusion

I can think of no other experience that brought more confusion into my life than being diagnosed with Cryoglobulinemia. The more questions I asked about my disease, the more questions I found, and very few answers. I wanted to know what to expect and how to be proactive in maintaining my health. Of course I […]

Validation: Alliance for Cryo Secret Support Group

Validation is Strength I am a why person. When faced with a challenge knowing ‘why’ makes it easier to meet that challenge even if the ‘why’ doesn’t come with a solution. When I was diagnosed with Cryoglobulinemia, that diagnosis became an exception to my rule and left me with a million more unanswered ‘whys’ and […]

“Stay Warm!” But Doc It’s Really Cold In Here!

I sit shivering and waiting in my doctor’s office, with my myaligia, my nagging joint pain, and the unexplained sciatica that’s been plaguing me for months. I’m waiting on the results of yet, more blood tests and hoping they will result in some relief. I remember how I waited for twenty years for the diagnosis […]