Become a Cryo Ambassador/Volunteer

If Cryoglobulinemia has affected your life in some way, please consider becoming an Ambassador/Volunteer by offering your comments, support, your “Living With Cryo” story or interest that would benefit our Mission and Patients.  The Alliance For Cryo is entirely supported and run by volunteers. Join us, in our mission to promote Cryoglobulinemia awareness, education, research and patient support.

Why Be A Cryo Ambassador/Volunteer?
Perhaps you might know someone that would consider doing this important work or perhaps this is an ideal opportunity for you to brush up on some old skills that would be of benefit to our community. There is NO time requirement, contracts or commitments involved, just the desire to help our cause.    

Contact: Marianne Vennitti at to learn more about how you can be apart of this rewarding work for Cryo Patients.

Cryoglobulinemia Ambassadors/Volunteers/Advocates:

Glen Garder, M.S. is a scientist who has lived with cryoglobulinemia since 2008.  His unique background in working for NASA and NOA has made his writings something that members look forward to. His posts are a wonderful blend of hard facts, personal experiences, and tips for “Living with CRYO”.

Chris Holley is an artist, comedian and has lived with cryo for years. His CRYO is severe and requires plasmapheresis to hold it back. Chris shares his experience, art, and humor

Dale Sears is a loving grandfather, humorist, and lives with cryoglobulinemia. Dale will be featured on an episode of Diagnose Me on Discovery Life on May 22, 2015.  This Show aired at 7 pm Pacific and 10 pm Eastern.  He shares his satirical artwork to our support group and on the website.

Rebecca Land is an artist who shares her artwork on this website.  She is always willing to be supportive of others with cryoglobulinemia or lend a hand with projects.

Kathy Whitaker is a strong woman who is married to a man with cryoglobulinemia.  She is an advocate for caregivers and families of people living with cryoglobulinemia.





Pam W. is a blogger, writer and a woman living with cryoglobulinemia.  Cryo affects her life significantly but it is not her identity.  Read her blog here.Bob Newman is a contributing blogger.




Meg ThoemingB.S. is a previous manager in healthcare administration and diagnosed with cryo in 2014. She is interested in patient advocacy work to help bring more recognition to the face of cryo for our rare disease community. Her professionalism and leadership qualities offer the Alliance For Cryo to reach beyond the boundaries of her interest in patient support.



Csilla Macsari – Csilla Macsari is a writer, mother, and dog lover. She has lived with cryo since her childhood but was diagnosed only in 2013. She has never let cryo interfere with her zest for life.Her dedication and enthusiasm as Advocate for CRYO is priceless.



Darlene Ulmet shares her life with cryoglobulinemia in her blog.  She coordinated a Rare Disease Day 2015 Campaign highlighting cryoglobulinemia. Her passion is contagious!