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Bob talks about Blood Thickening

The medical world agrees that ‘cold’ causes Cryoglobulins to precipitate within our blood. They also agree that ‘warmth’ enables that precipitate to redissolve. They also agree that Cryo precipitation thickens ones blood and that the precipitate likes to clump together. In the world of pipes and flow, thicker fluids travel more slowly than thinner ones […]

Sheena ‘s Journey with Cryoglobulinemia & Lupus

            Sometimes, just sometimes, I find writing helps. But I find it difficult writing about illness. And the thought of subsequently publishing it gives me chills, as I’ve always been a person that really dislikes publicly admitting any hardship. Over the last while, I have found some solace in talking […]

Vasculitis Patient Powered Research Network.

The Vasculitis Patient-Powered Research Network is open to ALL United States Cryoglobulinemia patients.  Please Register.   The Vasculitis Patient Powered Research Network (V-PPRN) is a collaborative research effort for vasculitis research involving patients as partners in research along side clinicians, researchers, physicians and interested parties. It is a joint venture of The Vasculitis Foundation and the Vasculitis Clinical Research Consortium. […]