Cryo and Pain Medications

Pain is the body’s way of alerting – please talk to your doctor about any pain so that the cause can be diagnosed.

Here are some medications some of us in the support group have tried.  Check with your doctor and report your pain to them.

  • For neuropathic pain ,
    • neurontin works for some people, and
    • Lyrica is very good (but a lot more expensive).
    • Tegretol – an anti seizure medicine that can help nerve pain.
  • If you are having joint pain from rheumatoid arthritis or from arthritis like symptoms caused by the cryo
    • NSAID such as motrin or advil, but these have a potential for interacting with certain medications so do talk to your doctor before starting on an NSAID.
    • Asprin can sometimes help a little.
  • Aspercreme is sometimes helpful for joint and muscle pain.
  • Topical creams of lidocaine or patches of lidoderm can help some nerve pain.
  • Voltarin gel is helpful for inflammation and swelling in the joints.
  • Be advised that Voltaren is an NSAID and should not be taken along with other NSAIDs.
  • You might wish to read the posting about using ADVIL for more information.