This year we are proud and honored to have one of our Cryoglobulinemia patients, Darlene Ulmet, step up to the forefront for the Alliance for Cryo and create our first ever Rare Disease Day campaign. Although her own life is presently filled with many challenges, due to here her own health issues, she has devote her time for the good of her Rare Disease Community and to the awareness for all Rare Disease.

Listen to her story and see all that she has accomplish.



This is the page Darlene Ulmet sponsored on Facebook, Raise and Join Hand OBX


RAISE AND  JOIN HANDS to show your solidarity with rare disease patients around the world including those right here at home on the Outer Banks of North Carolina! You can find this event featured on the National Organization of Rare Disease’s Website, Rare Disease Day 2015.  Thank You Darlene Ulmet